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- Who am I talking to today?
Simon: I am Simon, Guitarrist of Cataract.

- Someone, knocking on my door told me, you are working on new materialÂ…
Simon: Very true J. We are done recording everything, mixing and mastering is done this week. So we are only waiting for that new material to be unleashed on humanity.

- I know you cannot tell too much about the new release, but I think really hard about it, how it could sound like?!?!?!?!
Simon: Well, you are right about that, ahahha. Everything is more focused, more well thought out. More songwritting behind it. It grooves a lot more and is way more aggressiv. We did what we can do best and forced to go a step further. There will be actually eleven songs on the record. All songs, no outro stuff. We composed an intro for the first time for example or worked with more downtuned guitars on certain songs. The whole thing is more cataract than ever. That sums it up the best.

- Maybe there are still 2 or 3 people who don´t know you yet… who´s in the band and since when do you play together?
Simon: We are a classical 5-Piece-Band. Simon and Greg on Guitar, Fedi on Vocals, Mike on Bass and Ricky on Drums.

- How many albums did you release until now?
Simon: With the the new record “Kingdom” it will be 4 Full Length records by now. We also did several MCD’s, 7” and Compilation Tracks.

- Anything else you can whisper about the new cd?
Simon: It will blow your ears out. Tue Madsen did an awesome Job on the Production front!!! The artwork will be very special too, you will see! We also re arrangened and rerecorded some older songs that appear on the bonus cd that comes with the limited 1st edition of it! ItÂ’s a gona be a little piece of art, altogether a lot of heart and work in there.

- When will it be out in Europe?
Simon: Releasedate for Switzerland, Germany and Austria is set for 19th May, Rest of Europe its 22nd and Workwide I guess 23rd!

- What´s your bandwebsite?
Simon: It will be totally redesigned by the time the CD comes out! Its gonna be stunning! But for now, give it a visit.

- And now let´s go over to the tattoospecial. Why do you think are tattoes so (let me call it popular) in the music (especially heavy metal) scene?
Simon: I donÂ’t know. I just think there are two categories of people how have tattoos: The ones that do it because its in their blood and the ones that do it because its cool. We get tattooed since we love it. We all travelled and still travel to all the tattoo conventiones all over when ever that is possible. We started out in 97 and nearly everybody was already tattooed back then. We just love it and live it. I donÂ’t care about anything else. If you do it for fashion, thatÂ’s week and not very inelligent

- I talked to many different people, and it´s very exciting because everybody got his/her own story. When did you get your first one?
Simon: OU, that was back in 94 as I can remember. Every tattoo on my body has its own story. So the story started Beginning 94.

- How did you get into the tattooscene, and what was your decision to get inked?
Simon: Well through friends and punk music back in the early 80 when I was really young. It totallly cathced my attention when the first “body manipulation” shop in Amsterdam was opened and Hank was big back then. So that was my first piercing and tattoo trip then. Soon after that friends here in switzerland started their own tattoo shop and that were I got inked first. Amsterdam was just the convention thing a few times and piercings. As far I can remember. Long time ago J.
My decision to get inked was I wanted to have my feelings expressed through pictures on my body. I wanted to show the world and make them think about themselves.

- Can you still count your tattoos?
Simon: Aehm, if you wouldnÂ’t have asked I couldnÂ’t but I counted them through right now. Its 13 all in all. Except for 2 they are all big. I like bigger tattoos more than a lot of small ones.

- Your tats are on which parts of your body?
Simon: Legs, arms and back.

- Do you have different art styles on your skin?
Simon: Yes, even though I tried to keep it in the same more or less, but all tattoos are colored except for on that I will probably redo with color sooner or later. But stiylwise they are different. I got tattoos from Mic, Marcus Paceccho (cant remember the right spelling of his 2nd name, only know him by Marcus J), Rob Koss, and some thers. So those styles very from each other. But lately I am totally into japanese style. So Mic goes on on my arms right now.

- Who´s the artist / the artists and where is he / are they from (name, tattoostudio, city).
Simon: Most famous are Philipp Leu, Mic and Rob Koss in my eyes at the moment. Philip lives close to Lausanne, french part of switzerland. Mic in ZĂĽrich and Rob in Lucerne.

- I know it´s kinda “addicting”. Are you finished now or do you already got new ideas?
Simon: NO way finished. Its addictive and I have my vision. I want to accomplish that with time.

- By the wayÂ… did you create and draw your own tattoos or did you bring the ideas?
Simon: No, I just brought the Idea and concept. The artist has to do his work not me. That why you choose an artist isntÂ’ it?

- Did you ever think about being a tattoo artist? Do you think ot would be easy for you to learn?
Simon: No and no. I am a very creative person but cant draw. I would be very good at doing concept and giving ideas but nothing more.

- Does it sometimes happen that people come up to you to get a look at your inked skin? And if so, what do you tell them?
Simon: Yep, that happens often, if you meet persons that know artists and stuff. They ask about how long it took, how much it was, if the artists lifes around my house. These are the most common questions.

- Do you visit tattoo conventions?
Simon: I used to regularly. But now, only a few times a year. Mike, our bassplayer does pretty often. Its cool to see where the tattoo scene evolves into and what new artists are on the map.

- Do you have a bandtattoo?
Simon: No, donÂ’t like that, even though I am for years figuring about tatooing the hatebreed weapons from the 1st cd or our Goats or a straight edge tattoo. Time will show. I am sure if it fits somewhere I will be doing it!

- What do your tats mean to you?
Simon: A LOT. Its me. My peronality. It shows, who I am and what my spirit, soul and heart lies. Its part of what I am and a big part of my life.

- Do you need a certain mood to step into a tattoo studio?
Simon: Yes, and more important I have to have an idea stuck to my head for longer than 1 day to get tattooed. I think thatÂ’s an important part on getting tattooed: to deal with what you want to have inked.

- What´s the feeling while the artists puts his machine on you?
Simon: Adrenalin O:D.! Totally. Love the band and the rush J. It hurts but in a very relefieng and positiv way!

- How do you think about “tattoo arttrends”?
Simon: Well, you know, everything that gets trendy has its good and bad sides. For me personally I couldnÂ’t care less. I go my way, no matter whats trendy whats not because I know I will still be happy with my tatts when I am 80. The trendy ones arent I am sure. So its their fault and again I couldnÂ’t care less about them. For the artists its good, since the got more work to do even though I think the good ones will always have work so its more of an advantage for the less good artists. It thatÂ’s good, I donÂ’t want to judge. As long as Iget tatts from good artists, hahahaha. ItÂ’s the same with every trend. No matter if music, fashion or anything else. As fast as it appeared, as fast it will disappear. The ones that carry it in their heart and soul will always remain.

- I don´t know if you have children, but if so, would you allow them to get tattooed or pierced in a younger age?
Simon: At a certain age I would allow them to do so, but since I have experienced bad things in both I wouldnÂ’t let them do it until like 16 or so. DonÂ’t know exactly since I have no kids.

- Many young people get new tattoosÂ…and regret after a while. What woukd you tell a youngster if he/she would ask you what to do?
Simon: As I said before. Only tatttoo your body if you have a vision/idea that sticks to your head and heart for a longer time. U have to be sure about the consequences of that decision. That s what I would tell them.

- When you overthink your past; would you do everything the same way or would you change anything?
Simon: No, I wouldnÂ’t change a thing since that made me what I am. I would just wish I could be at my state of mind that I have now and be 20 again, ahahahah.

- Do you have a last statement for the reades?
Simon: Thank you very much for reading thourgh this. Check out Get in touch if you need infos about artist, etc. Tattoos for life.

Thanx a lot for taking some time for the interview, men. I see ya in Germany.



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