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Datum: 29.07.2020
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Track Premiere!




Today, pan-international black metal cult Silver Knife premiere the new track "This Numinous Loom" at the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. The track hails from the band's highly anticipated debut album, Unyielding/Unseeing, set for international release on August 19th via Amor Fati Productions on CD and vinyl LP formats; the vinyl version will be co-released by Entropic Recordings, while the CD version shall be released by Amor Fati alone. Hear Silver Knife's "This Numinous Loom" in its entirety exclusively

Tracklisting for Silver Knife's Unyielding/Unseeing

1. Unyielding [7:02]
2. This Numinous Loom [7:53]
3. Silver & Red [6:40]
4. Unseeing [3:14]
5. Conjuring Traces [8:10]
6. Sundown [8:32]


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