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Doom Metal und Finnland gehören zusammen...

Emptiness Weighs The Most


Finnish Doomsters RED MOON ARCHITECT are known to create a unique sound of their own. Pure sweeping, yet crushing and highly atmospheric Melancholic Doom soundscapes consolidate with strong melodies, dark growls and haunting female vocals, crawling directly under your skin.
"Emptiness Weighs The Most", the band's highly anticipated fifth studio album, will see the light of day on October 23rd through the eyes of Noble Demon, taking the listener on an intense and emotional ride through atmospheric, raw and melancholic Doom soundscapes.

A beautiful sorrowfull yet intense and massiv first offering of what to expect from their forthcoming full length record can now be heard and seen in form of the brand new music video for "Rise", streaming here:


01. Hidden

02. Chained

03. Rise

04. Dethrone The Darkness

05. One Shines Brighter

06. Muse

07. Into The Light

08. Reform

09. My Beloved


Red Moon Architect are:

Saku Moilanen: Drums, Keyboards

Ville Rutanen: Vocals

Pyry Hanski: Guitars

Taneli Jämsä: Guitars
Anni Viljanen: Vocals
Jukka Jauhiainen: Bass


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