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Pillars of Damnation


Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets August 7th as the international release date for Temple Nightside's highly anticipated fourth album, Pillars of Damnation, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

By now, Temple Nightside require little to no introduction. Begun in 2010 by mainman IV - whose experience in the fertile Australian black metal underground is vast in itself - to explore a more blackened version of ancient death metal, the band's initially self-described "Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy" eventually morphed into more atmospheric and more deeply cavernous shapes, culminating in 2016's critically acclaimed The Hecatomb. But such acclaim matters not to Temple Nightside, and the now-quartet next explored their past with the foul 'n' fascinating Recondemnation in 2018, which was a reimagining of their 2013 Condemnation debut album.

Tracklisting for Temple Nightside's Pillars of Damnation

1. Contagion of Heresy
2. Death Eucharist
3. Morose Triumphalis
4. The Carrion Veil
5. Wreathed in Agony
6. Blood Cathedral
7. In Absentia
8. Damnation


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