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..neue Single der spanischen Thrasher...



Spanish metallers Thyrant are out with their brand new single “Face The Thyrant today! Listen to the single here:

This is the first single off their upcoming sophomore album titled “Katabasis”, due July 17th.

The band’s newest album “Katabasis“ was born out of a very similar situation as the band itself. “There was just a blank piece of paper, an empty wall”, when Thyrant went into the rehearsal room after releasing “What We Left Behind”. Due to departing with their original vocalist, a change was unavoidable. Soon they found a new singer in Ocram, who also came up with the idea to do a conceptual record. A record that tells a story of someone going through difficult moments, and managing these. A situation which was also reflected by the band’s experiences in the last years as well.

The record came together, while Ocram intertwined the lyrical ideas, and interludes smoothened the flow on the record. The band worked similarly to painting a canvas, with meeting the limits of certain musical styles, but also without limitating themselves within the creative process. “Katabasis” is the turning point for Thyrant, who now walk on a different path. As the lyrics say “There’s a path to seek the brighter light, reckless to feel, naked of heart and soul.”

“Katabasis” (Greek for ‘descend’) reflects the feeling of being lost and found again – A warm feeling of relief, stability, and composure, that you will get after descending the dark, conceptual path throughout the 8 songs of this album. An album full of honesty, self-identification, and alleviation.

“THIS is Thyrant!”



Track list:

1. Face the Thyrant

2. Dunes of Desolation

3. Chapter I: Shipwreck

4. Black Oceans

5. Chapter II: Hopeless

6. Ephemeral Lighthouse

7. Chapter III: Descent

8. Katabasis/Chapter IV: Catharsis



Band Members:

Ocram - Vocals

J. Merida - Guitars

Miguel Navarro – Guitars, Clean Vocals on track #1 and #8.

Rubens Oliver - Bass

Miguel Vegas - Drums


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