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Album Stream des Eisenwald Debüts!

Scion of Aether


Today, sonic alchemists Velnias stream the entirety of their long-awaited third album, Scion of Aether, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for release on March 27th via Eisenwald, hear Velnias' Scion of Aether in its entirety exclusively

Since 2006, Velnias have patiently built a potent body of work, capped by two full-length recordings: their debut Sovereign Nocturnal from 2008 (reissued by Eisenwald in 2014), followed by RuneEater from 2012. These Colorado natives create a soundscape of sprawling doom, soaring post-rock, and intense black metal, laced with passionate passages of folk and moody acoustics. Their sound is progressive - primal and feral, yet meticulously honed. Kindled by the essence of their art, Velnias have established themselves as a titanic live entity, consistently hypnotizing audiences fortunate to witness one of their rituals. Since their inception, they have relentlessly ventured on the road domestically and abroad, touring with a host of powerful partners such as the esteemed Agalloch, Alcest, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Kampfar, and Dornenreich.

Tracklisting for Velnias' Scion of Aether
1. Fissures within the Construct [2:44]
2. Pariah of the Infinite [11:04]
3. Aurora Rune [9:28]
4. Confluence of Entropic Umbra [1:41]
5. Supernal Emergent [9:36]
6. Oblivion Horizon - Null Terminus [15:11]


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