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Sepulchral Voice bringt das dritte Album an den Start..



SEPULCHRAL VOICE RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated third album of Sweden's REVEAL, "Scissorgod", on CD and vinyl LP formats.


Release date: November 29th, 2019



Repeating the REVEAL pattern, Scissorgod turned out to be an album that will separate the wheat from the chaff again. But this time, it does not require a full basic understanding of the band's attitude and the knowledge of the fucked-up world they live in to follow the album. In other words, this time, their nailbomb toys are more cuddly and their razorblade candy is more sweet. Although their ever-present schizo grin and the tangible lethal intention is still shining through the darkness all the time, a sardonic weltanschauung is built upon microcosmic insanity: REVEAL present a world of filth erected in the midst of Elysium, black-minded and strong. Or, more directly, with Scissorgod do REVEAL prove again that they give no fucks for uniforms, blinders, and the opinions of others; they simply collect and inhale the madness of the world and channel it into a pure outburst of DEATH ROCK (think about those two words for a moment). Scissorgod is not that far away from absorption & understanding like maybe Flystrips was, but scene sheriffs will predictably feel themselves as targets…and fucking definitely will the Scissorgod cut & stab some small-stature sheriffs.

The production of Scissorgod deserves special attention. This time, REVEAL did not lock themselves up in a punkish DIY process, but hired none other than Martin -Konie- Ehrenkrona (In Solitude, Henrik Palm, Pig Eyes, Nifelheim) to turn the knobs and entered the Cobra Studios in Stockholm. The result is a top-notch production that evokes the feeling that REVEAL are playing live in your room.

So, don’t be afraid: be thankful - be faithful - for what REVEAL has to say. It can be the soundtrack while we dance a spiral downwards, down through a hole.

… and when the music is over, turn off the life!…



1. Scissorgod

2. Harder Harder

3. Decomposer

4. Down Through The Hole

5. Feeble Hearts

6. Clevermouth

7. The Plot Thickens

8. What Pigs Get

9. Coin Toss


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