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Album Stream bei den Kollegen vom Legacy....

Trident of Tartarean Gateways


oday, black/death mystics Hellvetron stream the entirety of their massively anticipated second album, Trident of Tartarean Gateways, at Legacy magazine's website. Set for international release on August 16th via Iron Bonehead Productions, hear Hellvetron's Trident of Tartarean Gateways in its entirety exclusively here:

Tracklisting for Hellvetron's Trident of Tartarean Gateways
I. Opening - Queen of the Void
II. Initiation - Lustful Witchcraft
III. Blessing - Anointed Under a Burning Throne
IV. Evocation - King of Thaumiel
V. Prayer - Draconian Witchblood
VI. Offering - Solar Dark God
VII. Rite - Tartarean Gateways
VIII. Conjuration- Blood of Ancients
IX. Transformation - Altar of Scorpions


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