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Neue Single!



Approaching 25 years of existence and having grown to become one of extreme music’s premier live outfits, while releasing albums that would dominate year-end lists and even bagging a Norwegian “Spellemann” Grammy award for their ‘Profan’ album, Kampfar looked ready to go and dominate for years to come. But behind the music, disguised during the intense live shows, underneath it all, was a clarity that the road’s end was nigh.

Kampfar’s upcoming album “Ofidians Manifest”, due May 3rd. On this occasion, Dolk has commented: “’Syndefall’ is the Fall Of Man. In the religious books you read about forgiveness and salvation. In reality there's only eternal suffering.”

Listen to “Syndefall” here:

Track list:


| Syndefall

|| Ophidian

||| Dominans

|||| Natt

||||| Eremitt

|||||| Skamløs!

||||||| Det Sorte



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