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All Pain As Penance


Today, Inferna Profundus Records sets March 29th as the international release date for the highly anticipated third album of the UK's AbductionAll Pain as Penance, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
The sole province of tireless mainman A|V, Abduction officially began foul life with the release of a debut demo in October 2016. An auspicious if not all-too-brief start, that demo was soon followed by the band's debut album, To Further Dreams of Failure, released by Inferna Profundus in April 2017. Here unfurled the fullness of Abduction's foulness, a rank 'n' cantankerous full-length introduction to A|V's aesthetic. Grim and spectral yet emitting an elusive air of bestiality, To Further Dreams of Failure truly put the name of Abduction UK on the international map.

Tracklisting for Abduction (UK)'s All Pain As Penance
1. Infinite Ancient Hexes
2. Ultra Terrestrial
3. Convulsing at Baalbek
4. Embattled
5. Prayer of Electrocution
6. Seven Apparitions of Suffering
7. The Funeral of Cosmic Mastery


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