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Neues Album

Bitter And Betrayed


Bitter is CORRODED's fifth studio album to date and it's finally time to hear what the band has developed into. This is a tougher and harder CORRODED than we're used to, but all fans will be happy to hear that the melodic parts that will get you hooked are still there. It’s brutal, honest, melodic yet edgy. It’s CORRODED and it’s BITTER!” 

The last album CORRODED recorded was nearly 5 years ago. Due to a shift of labels that album was released just last year. Since that the band had to make up for lost time and that meant an awful lot of touring. As fun as it is to travel the world and play shows for their loyal fans they also knew they had to make an other album as quickly as possible not to lose the momentum again. That left the band with an extremely short amount of time. With only a handful of song ideas laying around and only one weekend to write new material the odds were once again not looking too good for the band.

“We made three songs that weekend and together with the rest of the ideas we had we started to build what would become the finished album” - says Tomas, guitar and backing vocals.

“The whole process was best compared to Frankenstein’s monster. We cut everything up and put it back together a couple of times until we felt that we were on the right track.” -Tomas says.



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