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Atmospheric Black Metaller präsentieren erste Single...


Soul Dissolution

Belgium's Post Ambient black metallers Soul Dissolution , comprising members of Marche Funbre  release the first single from their recently announced new studio album, Stardust", the single FAR ABOVE THE BOILING SEA OF LIFE is available in a form of a static video designed by Marcos Cerutti . Listen on YouTube:

Band comments

Our new album Stardust is a big step-up for us, and this song marks the end of the journey presented therein, a final release from everything. It's one of the faster-paced songs we have written so far, and in addition to our usual influences, it also bears hints to bands like Saor, Ghost Bath, and other actors of the modern-day Atmospheric Black Metal scene. "Far Above the Boiling Sea of Life" is definitely one of our most solid tracks, and we're glad to finally present it to you!

Track listing below

01Vision 1:25 
02 Circle Of Torment 09:38 
03 Stardust 07:44 
04 Mountain Path 01:34 
05 The Last Farewell 08:33 
06 Far Above The Boiling Sea Of Life 09:36 

Soul Dissolution are

Jabawock - Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Vocals
Acharan - Vocals
Session drums by Forge Stone (Norse, Gods of Eden, ex-The Amenta,...)


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