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Neue Bands!


"Lights Out, you no longer have to choose between Innocence & Decadence: Gothenburg’s psychedelic preachers of classic heavy rock will bring the Hisingen Blues and much more musical mushroom magic to Desertfest Berlin in 2018!” - METAL HAMMER

"By charting an unparalleled progressive path through realms of sound all their own, Elder have made themselves one of the most essential heavy bands in the world. The work they're doing right now is crucial and, if we're lucky, will influence others for years to come." - THE OBELISK 

"Brutal greeny leafy psychedelic boogie straight outta Tokyo. Don’t miss out on seeing this serial killing machine at Desertfest!" - SPARK ROCK MAGAZINE

"While still at the age where most are mere magic apprentices, these four Portuguese wizards are able to cast of spells of fuzz, groove and rocking out all over their songs. They have a trick to amplify the spells too – the acid fumes, bluesy, funky rhythms and occult vibes that flow from their new record ‘What The Fuzz!’ hit even harder when the band steps on stage. Clearly there’s some ancient (from the 70s, most likely!) black wizardry at work, so let yourself go and shake out those psych jams." - LOUD! MAGAZINE 

”What is interesting about MaidaVale is that, though both their influence and style are clearly rooted in the ’70s, the band’s character exists outside of that treasured timewarp. The music is passionate yet playful and doesn’t slip into the muddied waters of overdone nostalgia.” - IRON FIST MAGAZINE 

"The powerhouse quartet from Athens stormed through the "road to deserfest" contest gathering a massive 4500 facebook poll votes which gave them qualification for the contest's final stage at Street Mode Festival where their dynamic stage appearance and emblematic riffs convinced the stern judges that they rightfully deserve a slot at Desertfest Berlin 2018" - STREET MODE FESTIVAL


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