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Datum: 12.08.2017
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Bay Area Horde bestehend aus Vastum, Necrot, und Depressor Leuten...



California death metal horde ACEPHALIX – featuring members of Vastum, Necrot, Depressor, and more – has completed their third LP, and is preparing to unleash Decreation upon the public masses in September. New label home 20 Buck Spin has unloaded a YouTube stream of the album’s pummeling second track, “Suffer (Life In Fragments),” along with early preorders for the record.

Stream ACEPHALIX’s “Suffer (Life In Fragments)”

Decreation Track Listing:

1. Upon This Altar

2. Suffer (Life In Fragments)

3. Mnemonic Death

4. God Is Laughing

5. Excremental Offerings

6. Egoic Skin

7. Decreation


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