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It's been nearly 12 years to see Canker's third album finally released, but it's been worth the wait! One of Spain's most legendary death metal bands have just revealed the first single of their new album, Earthquake, which will see the light September 18th through Xtreem Music.

Containing 10 songs, Earthquake is an original blend of classic death metal with slight thrash elements and unexpected surprises which all set this band apart of the norms and typical patterns of the genre. Formed in 1990, Canker have managed to survive nearly three decades by keeping their old-school-rooted essence and fresh compositions, maintaining their status as one of Spain's leading death metal acts.

Cover artwork for Earthquake had been painted by Spanish artist Jose Vives, who's done covers for bands like Goat Worship, Itnuveth, and Retrofaith among many others. In the leadup to its release, hear the aforementioned first track "Whale Hunt" at Xtreem Music's official YouTube channel

Tracklisting for Canker (Spain)'s Earthquake
1. Whale Hunt
2. Earthquake
3. Hand of God
4. Biosfear
5. Leyla Island
6. Bedout
7. Ravenous
8. The Ghosts of Past
9. Black Star
10. Obliteration


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