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FIRE ON THE FLOOR – album and tour


Hey hey hey… I knew it. It´ll be a great evening with wonderful music from a gifted, wonderful band. And so it was.

We all know – wherever Beth is, whatever she sings, whoever she worx with – will be a bright shining spot in your life. Beth has a very unique and strong personality and she gives women the feeling to BE A WOMAN as soon as she starts singing. Her life and her music teaches us and reminds us to enjoy good and wonderful thins in life – and not to waste it. She´s heavensent and what Beth gives us through her music is much more than I can tell.

She´s got the blues, babes, she´s got it. Also rock and soulmusic is what we get in it´s purest form. Beth seems to live her music and I believe everything she´s telling. Her lyrics are incredible.  She is sad, she is strong, she is angry and YES – her humor is also wonderful…

All in all she has got the sexiest voice on that planet and each song is such a great ear-gasm – can you imagine?

… and not to forget her incredible band she´s standing onstage with. The kind they communicate and play their instruments is so touching.  Just listening is great, watching the concert is so much more, so different und so …  you see,  I cannot even find words to explain, what it sets free in me. So amazing.

What else could I say? The concerthalls are sold out. I see people aged between 10 and 80. People who really listen to her know there are no musical boundaries.  Beth hits us right in the h(e)art and it´s always big joy to consume her music.

I am curious what her next plans are. Ladies and gentlemen… I AM ADDICTED!!!

Now I hope everyone gets inspired by listening to BETH HART.





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