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Eindeutiger Hinweis auf das Album....

Sexual Panic Human Machine


Today, Hells Headbangers sets August 4th as the international release date for Bonehunter's highly anticipated second album, Sexual Panic Human Machine. In 2015, this Finnish power-trio unleashed the surprise hit of the summer in their debut album, Evil Triumphs Again

Hear the first gospel with the new track "Enter the Satan's Dimension" at Hells Headbangers' Bandcamp

Tracklisting for Bonehunter's Sexual Panic Human Machine
1. Intro (Awaken the Machine...)
2. Enter the Satan's Dimension
3. Digital Evil
4. Electric Nightmare
5. Doom Desire
6. Devil Science
7. Spectre of Sex Vengeance
8. Substance Creator
9. Sexual Panic Human Machine


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