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Calm, intelligent and soulful


Troy, I know you from Iced Earth and we one talked, years ago. Your were very friendly and I wanted to thank you for your kindness. Time goes by… what happened since you left I.E.?

The biggest life event is my son, Van had to have surgery on both of his feet. Things went well and he is on the road to a successful recovery. So I'm very happy about that.

I saw a few videos on youtube that you are still with a band. Who are you guys?

I joined a group here in Indianapolis. They are called The Why Store. It's an all original band that plays music that is more from the Singer Songwriter type of music. A little hard to box in one category but , not a Metal type band.

You are playing only local gigs… 

 We play mainly in Indiana but, do some traveling within the four surrounding states. We just released a live cd last month called "The Why Store Live at the Slippery Noodle". It's a true live recording (no edits at all). Very proud of it. It's available on iTunes and CDbaby.

By the way – you are living in Delphi right?! Do you have exiting bars/locations for foreign bands to play? 

 Actually I live in Indianapolis, I grew up in Delphi. There are 4 or 5 pretty nice venues that offer a nice mix of bands both foreign and domestic.

Imagine you were no musician… what do you think you ´d do?

 Probably be a farmer.


Music is a wonderful kind of communication, even if I sometimes do not understand a language. What do you think about that?

 I agree with you, music is definitely the one international language.

Did you ever think about all the different moods you can get because of music? (I could write a book and talk about music and I hope you don´t mind my enthusiasm?!)

 Music to me can express your feelings for the happiest of times and the darkest of times when maybe you can't quite do it for yourself. That's when it's always been my best friend.

What else do you like… besides music?


You are a professional – I am just a musiclistener. Do you think, LOVE for music can have different reasons or is it more human? I thought about that so many times…

I think the different reasons people tend to love a song is a mystery but, that's what makes it so great.

You are around 50 ;-) and also I am. I grew up with different kinds of music. I loved Queen (saw Mr Mercury live in England), Blondie, Uli Roth, Pat Benatar and many others and yes, I still do. How was your „musicial“ childhood and youth - and which bands do you like in general?

 I was Country and Bluegrass as kid until I saw Kiss on TV. Then it was rock from then until I hit my 30's then back to Bluegrass then to anything and everything. Now I don't pay attention to genres just weather I like or not.

What I already wanted to say is that I reeeeeeally like the pic from your two sons. It´s so peaceful, calm and full of love. It must have been a little moment to catch the boys for this photo. That´s one of the most touching pics I´ve ever seen. WONDERFUL!!!

Thanks. That was a very talented photographer!

How do you manage job and family?

All I'm doing is the band which is mainly weekend work and take care of the kids through the week.

You are in the lucky position to have that kind of job, aren´t you?



We live in a very hectic world and I think it will not get better.  How do you „survive“ the everyday life?

 Once I realized the only thing I can control is myself and how I react to people and actions and stopped trying to control anything else, life got a lot easier.

Do you remember you first concert?

Van Halen 


Where do you see yourself in the future?

 With my one boy having Autism, I see myself taking care of him for most if not the rest of my life. And I don't consider that a bad thing. When we're together I live in his world and even though it's not exactly a true reality it's his true reality and it's kinda of a nice place to be.


I am sure that I will forget a lot to ask, but maybe we´ll get an „interview part II“ on the way – when we are 55 or something? ;-)

Sounds good! 


Maybe we´ll meet once again some time, somewhere, and until then I wish you health, love, life and many more years of inspiration. 

Thank you.


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