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  1. Who r the guys and girls in the band - different characters?

-Jennie Skulander -vocals, manic, funny and incredibly talented.

-Nic Martin -drums/piano/percussion, focused, the musical genius

-Nail -Lead guitar/vocals -driven, uncompromisingly staunch

-Paul Martin -bass/vocals – deep, dangerous, unpredictable

b) Your favorite bands / musicians

-Pantera, FNM, Periphery, Black Sabbath, Coheed & Cambria, Slipknot, Testament, Twelve Foot Ninja.

c) What kind of music do you really hate?
-None of us really hate anything! We prefer not to listen to gangsta rap, modern r&b and pop.

d) Which records would you take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?
Personally I would take Black Sabbath -Sabotage, T Rex -Tanx, Led Zep -1

e) What else would you need?

Power for the cd player :) beer, tequila, nightly buffet, spa pool...just the standard stuff

f) Funniest tour experience?

When we were in our own Devilskin tour bus getting towed to the stadium where we were playing support for Motley Crue!

g) Worst or most embaressing situations?

See above!

h) Best concert you´ve ever seen?

Heaven & Hell in NZ August 2007


i) Best newcomerband?

Twelve Foot Ninja

j) Nicest holiday?

k) Happy about...
Our band!

l) Disappointed about...
-The state of the planet

m) Where did u grow up?
Urenui and Eltham in Taranaki NEW ZEALAND

n) Favorite food?
Roast chicken

o) Are you a good cook?

p) Your idols, influences?
Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page

q) How was school?
Fun, I got bullied.

r) Still have normal jobs?
Yes sadly I juggle 3 jobs and two bands!

s) Most important things in life?
Family. Music.

t) Would u be a good polititian?
Yes! I would be a ruthless dictator.

u) Any bad habits?
Absolutely not!

v) Does your family support your musical success?
 Very much. They are amazing!

w) Do u believe in god?
I believe in many gods/demons

x) In what else do u believe?

y) What´s most important 4 u?
My family’s health and welfare

z) Last statement?

                We are all so happy to be doing what we love, writing, recording and performing our music its a privilege and an honour and not something we would ever take for granted. Thank you so much for the support and the love. We can't wait to get back to beautiful Europe!!


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