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Datum: 13.05.2015
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Earlier this year Trondheim-based Short Skirts released their first single, from their upcoming debut album, Family Values. The song, All Sliced Up, excited the internet - which replicated with expressions such as "super-coolness", "a whirlwind of energy and charisma", "raw power", "manic energy" and "a hook that just will not quit!".

Now they are ready with a new single and video. It's called "Far Side of Mexico" and can be considered a homage to simply saying fuck it and leaving a gray existence behind. Leaving in a rush to search for new thrills. In this case to the far, dandy and sandy, side of Mexico.

The guys in the garage rock band Short Skirts has in the last two years contributed to characterize the norwegian punk scene with an energetic and unaffected mix of punk rock and '60s surf guitars. Now they are ready to step further out of the underground with new singles and their debut album - all covered in enthusiasm, ugly shirts and goofy mustaches.



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