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a) who r the guys in the band - different characters?


Yes, and sometimes very difficult to find a solution how to move forward. But sometimes this difference between us, helps us to create. when we can see music from a different sides


b) your favorite bands / musicians


It change from time to time. But several ones still the best for me. Like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Megadeth, WASP etc.

c) what kinda music do u really hate?


In Ukraine we have a bad legacy from USSR times, music of criminal elements - shanson, how they called it.. it is really shitty and stupid.  

d) which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?


ha-ha.. it's hard to choose.. maybe something like "Brave New World" of Iron Maiden, or "Seasons of the Abyss" Slayer.. 

e) what else would u need?


maybe sausages and beer?? ))) 

f) funniest tour experience?


probably it was the last concert of Bloody Echelon tour. when we played last show of the tour in Bilgoraj, Poland. And during the concert. when our friend "Shame Yourself" were on the stage, we joined them with all tour's crew almost naked with beer and and mannequins of naked women, trying to help them play..yeah.. it was awesome..))) good rock'n'roll spirit.. 

g) worst or most embaressing situations?


The same, Bloody Echelon tour.. when our second driver was arrested by Germany's police because some problem with visa as they told us.. all tour was under threat of cancellation.

h) best concert u´ve ever seen?


i guess i can recall even two of them: WASP in Kiev in 2005 and Nightwish 2012 in Kiev 

i) best newcomerband?


it's hard to pick up somebody.. actually i prefer old stuff.. "new" old album of Morbid Angel for example ))  

j) nicest holiday?


New Year Eve with my family 

k) happy about...


My small daughter.. new upcoming album..

l) disappointed about...


War in my country now.. 

m) where did u grow up?


I was born in Eastern Ukraine, in Zaporozhye,  and lived there more than 20 years. Quite happy childhood and youth as i think. Last 6 year i'm living and working in Kiev.

n) favorite food?


Roasted potatoes and meat 

o) can u cook?


yes, i even think that i'm experienced enough in this issue

p) your idols, influences?


there is a lot of them.. maybe not idols, but examples and inspiration: Howard Lovecraft, Carl Jung, Hannibal Lecter , hehe..

q) how was school?


It was ok till the moment when i received the "virus" of rock'n'roll.

r) still have normal jobs?


Yes, i have, it is reality, music will not feed you in Ukraine.. only mentally maybe. 

s) most important things in life?


My, of course 

t) would u be a good polititian?


No f"cking way.. i'm metalhead, i'm too far of all these things 

u) any bad habits?


ask my wife))) 

v) does your family support your musical success?



w) do u believe in god?



x) in what else do u believe?


In my self.. 

y) what´s most important 4 u?


To grow my child, to be happy, to be successful.. nothing special i think

z) last statement?


Listen our last album, it is hot! and wait for the upcoming one, we have a lot of surprises there. 

Keep Metal!


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