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a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters?

Erwin Suetens - Guitars (I'm the one answering the questions - und auf Deutsch geht auch ;-))
Filip Lemmens - Vocals
Thierry Van der Zanden - Guitars
Geert Van Dyck - Bass
Sepp Coeck - Drums

b) Your favorite bands / musicians 
NWOBHM, Bay area thrash, German power metal... a list for this moment, can change every day: Saxon, Metal Church, Tokyo Blade, Exodus, Mystic Prophecy (I know ;-)), early Iced Earth, Helloween, Arch Enemy, Primal Fear, Krokus...

c) What kinda music do u really hate? 
Music without a soul... eg: R&B...

d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? 
On Stage - Rainbow, Fire Down Under - Riot, Operation Mindcrime - Queensreiche

e) What else would u need? 
A guitar....

f) Funniest tour experience? 
I stepped into dogshit and our bass player was laughing very hard, untill he saw he was standing in it too... ;-)

g) Worst or most embaressing situations? 
Our intro-cd that jumped all around while we were standing in front of 1000 spectators...

h) Best concert u´ve ever seen? 
Crimson Glory, Rond Punt 26, Genk - 2011... Todd La Torre moved me to tears with his version of Lost Reflection...great...really great...

i) Best newcomerband? 
I like two a lot: Stallion, Night Demon

j) Nicest holiday? 
French Pyrenees...

k) Happy about... 
Our Deathbringer album gets a lot positive reviews!

l) Disappointed about... 
When you're from Belgium, you hardly get any support in your home country...only when you make it over the borders...

m) Where did u grow up? 
In a house...haha, Antwerp!

n) Favorite food? 
Spicy...can be Indian, Chinese, Mexican and many many more...

o) Can u cook? 
Yes, an egg...
p) Your idols, influences? 
Gary Moore, Rhandy Rhoads, Michael Amott

q) How was school? 
Good, I graduated in Chemistry...

r) Still have “normal” jobs? 

s) Most important things in life? 
My wife, Fireforce...

t) Would u be a good politician? 
I'm  too  honest...

u) Any bad habits? 
I love chocolate...enough said? ;-)

v) Does your family support your musical success? 
Yes, they do!

w) Do u believe in god? 
No, only in maybe I do believe in a god, haha!

x) In what else do u believe? 
Honesty,respect...a word is a word...

y) What is most important 4 u? 
The safety and health of my family...
z) Last statement? 

Thanks for this questionnaire...stay heavy - the metal will rage on! 



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