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a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters? 

Myself on lead vocals and guitar , shred master Alex De Rosso on lead guitar , Tony "AJ" Morra on drums , and Eric Ragno and my new producer for the next record Alessandro del Vechhio also on the keys . Alot of great people I get to work with and of course my current producer Fabrizio Grossi and he also plays bass on the album .

b) Your favorite bands / musicians 


Well my vocals are music different than as I am as a guitar player as a singer I am heavily into Motown or vocals without a lot of production or processing I really like singers like The Temptations, Richard Marx , Bryan Adams , Rob Halford , singers with a very distinct tone . As a guitar player I'm into Megadeth , Anthrax , Queensryche and progressive rock . 

c) What kinda music do u really hate? 


I try not to badmouth others but I am more less not into artist that just don't believe in becoming a better musician . So if you are based upon not growing in your craft I pretty much get lost and don't listen anymore . 

d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? 


If I could take 5 ? Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime , X Japan - Art of life and 2 cd set of the Temptations if thats ok to bring more then 1 cd !! 

e) What else would u need? 


My kids and food . And people because life would be boring so I would at least make sure a few of my friends get stranded with me haha ! I would also bring my protools set up with my guitars and a microphone so I can still work on songs . Also a playstation and my Rocky , Rambo and Back to the Future movies ! 

f) Funniest tour experience? 


I've seen more crazy things behind the scenes of the music business then at shows . At shows it's more of the same people get drunk and do something stupid or get in a fight . But it's when your off stage dealing with the music bossiness is where I feel the most crazy things happen but I don't say much because then I become the bad guy even if it's true so I won't mention it haha !

g) Worst or most embaressing situations? 


Working with people who I thought may have been great as a kid growing up and then it turns out they are horrible people . It's the worst and embossing because they have no respect for themselves or their fans . Any situation like that I remove myself from and try to learn from . I don't like to be around negative or destructive people and it doesn't matter how famous they are if they are bad for my life I get away from them . 

h) Best concert u´ve ever seen? 

I've seen a few I saw Firehouse in 1998 and the show was really good and vocals were great ! Temptations of course were awesome . Scorpions also had one of the best shows and live vocals they were spot on . Stryper is always great too , Best show it hard to say but if I could go back to one of the shows again probably the Scorpions they were amazing .

i) Best newcomerband? 


In America it's hard to find new bands but overseas there are a few new one that stand out to me like H.E.A.T and Outloud I think they are going in the right direction . Very melodic and have catchy songs . But I mostly listen to older bands .

j) Nicest holiday? 


I like Thanksgiving a lot because I like Pumpkin pie ! Christmas also because it's just a different time of year I live in California and it's usually sunny and hot and when it's cold and dark maybe it's a little more my style so I like the weather during those periods of time . Halloween is fun too because my son will still let me take him trick or treating so thats always fun , I love them all !


k) Happy about… 

I am happy things are going well I am glad many people like the new album and that I am almost done writing the next album and going to Italy next year to record it . I'm glad that I'm in good health and so are my kids and that I have a good job so I am happy and thankful . 

l) Disappointed about… 


That everyone steals music and that the music scene is messed up other then that Im ok !! 

m) Where did u grow up? 


I grew up in Torrance , Ca it was a great . It was great to grow up in the 80's and early 90's also . Was a good time to be alive the music was alive also .

n) Favorite food? 


My fav food is by far Sushi I love Japanese food then of course Italian food would be second .

o) Can u cook? 


I can !!! I rock pasta dishes !!! Other then that I suck at cooking !! haha 
p) Your idols, influences? 


I'm inspired by people who try to better others lives and try to make a difference and go against the odds . Anyone who goes for their dream with good intentions of helping others are the people I most respect .

q) How was school? 


The girls were cute but the rest was drama ! College was much much better I really enjoyed that . 

r) Still have “normal” jobs? 


Yes I do and I like it a lot I work hard and have a stable regular job .

s) Most important things in life? 


To me it's important to just keep moving forward with my goals as long as I'm doing that I'm happy .It's also most important to me that my children are happy .

t) Would u be a good politician? 


I'm not sure , probably not I just like to be happy and play music so that wouldn't work for me well .

u) Any bad habits? 


Of course but they are bad so I won't mention them ! ha ! 

v) Does your family support your musical success? 


My mother yes , My Father and I do not talk . My children of course yes ! 

w) Do u believe in god? 


Yes I do . I don't get religious or preach but I have no problem saying that I believe in God . I just have my own view on him and how he works .

x) In what else do u believe? 


I believe in working hard and trying to become the best you can be in life and never giving up !

y) What is most important 4 u? 


That I keep moving forward as I have been and that everything continues to et better as it has been. 
z) Last statement? 


Thanks for the interview and the support ! Please any readers check out Faithsedge 3rd album will be recorded next year and I'm super excited !!!



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