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a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters?

Zuberoa: she is the leader and the heart of the band, composer, arranger, singer... Very spiritual and in contact with the nature.

Alexey (guitar): he comes from Russia, sometimes is very cold and looks like he is angry and then suddenly starts to laugh.

Odei (bass guitar): he is very shy, he is agree with everything... I don't know if it's to avoid speak too much :-D

David (drums): he is also an spiritual person and when he decides to do something he goes until the end.

Gorka: myself. I think that I'm a mixture of all them.


b) Your favorite bands / musicians

I have many favourite bands. Lately I've listened to bands quite different in style like Dimmu Borgir or Asking Alexandria...


c) What kinda music do u really hate?

Almost all Spanish pop music.


d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?



e) What else would u need?

A teeth brush and tooth paste.


f) Funniest tour experience?

I was in Mexico, we were about to start the show and the intro started to sound. Suddenly all the people started to scream, we were afraid at the beginning because we thought that something wrong were going. When we asked the security people they told us that it was the “welcome” of the Mexican people.


g) Worst or most embaressing situations?

It was at the backstage of a fest. Our manager introduced as a Japanese fan. I embraced him without realizing that it's not ok for them to embrace people in public.


h) Best concert u´ve ever seen?

It was my first “big concert”: The X FacTour from Iron Maiden. They were one of my favourite bands and it was incredible to see them on the stage with Eddie, the lights and all that.


i) Best newcomerband?

I think that there are very good bands at the moment, one that catches my attention is Dark Sarah.


j) Nicest holiday?

This summer I went to Menorca, a bit of tourism and a bit of beach.


k) Happy about...

The things I have learn and done during my life.


l) Disappointed about...



m) Where did u grow up?

In Pamplona a little and beautiful city in the north of Spain.


n) Favorite food?

Food in general, fish, meat, vegetables, exotic food...


o) Can u cook?

Just a couple of things.


p) Your idols, influences?

I like what some people are doing within music like Hans Zimmer, Joost van den Broek or Jordan Rudess among others, but I don't think they are idols for me. I  just like what they do and sometimes I try to do in my music things that I like from them.


q) How was school?

I like it a lot, I was a quite good student.


r) Still have “normal” jobs?

Yes, only big big bands live on music. It would be a dream for me.


s) Most important things in life?

My wife, my dog, the music and enjoy the little things of the life like watching TV, going out with friends, sport, etc...


t) Would u be a good politician?

Mmm, not sure, I like the “romantic” idea of working for your country/village, but I think that I am a bit disorganized sometimes.


u) Any bad habits?

I like to eat biscuits.


v) Does your family support your musical success?

Yes, sometimes they don't understand that I spend too much time on it, but they are happy when things go well.


w) Do u believe in god?

I would like to, but for the moment I'm agnostic.


x) In what else do u believe?

I believe a bit in the Karma, what you sow is what you will harvest.


y) What is most important 4 u?

Isn't this one similar to the question S? :-)


z) Last statement?

Thank you for the questions, they made me think about things that I never thing about, haha.


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