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a) who r the guys in the band - different characters?
The band is myself Rob Naylor on bass, Tony Bell, guitars, Baz Jackson, vocals, Steve Kenny, guitars/keyboards and Andy Chemney on drums.

b) your favorite bands / musicians
Our favourite kind of music is melodic rock. Not too soft though. Some of our favourite bands are Coney Hatch, NightRanger, Bad English and Giant.

c) what kinda music do u really hate?
Can't say that we hate any music but you could say we don't really like reggae or Rap music.

d) which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?
Some of the albums I would take to a desert island would include the first four Queen albums. Friction by Coney Hatch would be in, as would some Van Halen too.

e) what else would u need?
Can I have a helicopter? Ha ha

f) funniest tour experience?
When we lit an industrial smoke flare at one show. We couldn't put the thing out even in a bucket of water. The club owner thought the place was on fire and evacuated everyone and called the fire brigade! We never owned up!

g) worst or most embaressing situations?
I guess playing the famous London Marquee club the same night Ozzy Osbourne was playing at Wembly stadium was embarrassing. Mainly because there was only about ten people there!! Ha ha

h) best concert u´ve ever seen?
Best concert for me was seeing Queen at the Liverpol Empire (about 1986 I think)

i) best newcomerband?
A new band we all really like would be H.E.A.T. We're playing with them at this years Firefest. Great band!

j) nicest holiday?
I like Florida in the US but recently visited Florence in Italy. What a great city!

k) happy about...
Happy about the fact that we've finished the album and that people actually like it! 

l) disappointed about...
I suppose my biggest disappointment is that although there is so much great music out there. Mainstream media like TV and Radio largely ignore our type of music. 

m) where did u grow up?
I grew up in a suburb of Manchester called Wythenshawe. Quite a rough place although the good thing was its closeness to the city.

n) favorite food?
I love Italian food.

o) can u cook?
Yes, I think I'm a good cook although both my sons might argue that point!

p) your idols, influences?
Phil Lynott was a big influence. I thought he was the coolest.
I didn't like school at all. Does anybody? It was a very tough place and I couldn't wait to leave. I made some good mates though and started playing in bands whilst at school.

q) how was school?
Oh yes, I've never made any money through music. We all have jobs, it's how we fund the band.

r) still have normal jobs?
Oh yes, I've never made any money through music. We all have jobs, it's how we fund the band.

s) most important things in life?
I'll give the answer that should be the same as everyone's. Family and friends. Oh, and my dogs!

t) would u be a good polititian?
I can't stand politics and I question peoples desire to be politicians. Not many do it for the good of society as far as I can see.

u) any bad habits?
Not replying to e mails faster! Sorry. Ha ha

v) does your family support your musical success?
Yes without a doubt. The time it takes is a lot and it is expensive on a personal note too. I went to the music store the other day for a guitar strap and came home with a new bass attached to it. 

w) do u believe in god?
No, sorry I don't believe in God but respect people who do. 

x) in what else do u believe?
I do believe in doing the right thing. Most people do.......some don't.

y) what´s most important 4 u?
Are we talking musically or personally? Musically it's important that people like what you do. Not from any monetary gains but from the music itself. It's so gratifying to hear from people who like the album. Personally, what's important to me is family of course.

z) last statement?
We're all so grateful that people are interested in Angels Or Kings. We worked hard on this album and it is so humbling to read and hear the great things people are saying about it. Many thanks, Rob.




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