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a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters? 


Drunk Ninja Turtles

b) Your favorite bands / musicians 

Iron Maiden 

c) What kinda music do u really hate? 


d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? 

Lonely Island Jams Volume 3, and probably Painkiller. 

e) What else would u need? 


Beer, Smokes and Pepperoni 

f) Funniest tour experience? 


Those bar flies who get way too drunk and tell you about how much they love the rolling stones. "You kids these days just don't know how to do it like the rolling stones did"

g) Worst or most embaressing situations? 


Went off stage into a mosh pit during a song and got laid out.

h) Best concert u´ve ever seen? 

Iron Maiden at Wacken, insanity! 

i) Best newcomerband? 


Oh man, I can't just choose like that. Tim for the hustle Wild Bill for the muscle.

j) Nicest holiday? 

We are about to have a 4-5 day holiday in Munich after our tour, I think that will be it.

k) Happy about... 


Playing music

l) Disappointed about... 

The current state of affairs

m) Where did u grow up? 


Canada, in the snow! 

n) Favorite food? 



o) Can u cook? 

Kind of.....

p) Your idols, influences? 

George Carlin, Bruce Dickinson, Macho Man Randy Savage

q) How was school? 

Boring and uninspiring 

r) Still have “normal” jobs? 


Unfortunately yes.

s) Most important things in life? 

Being the master of your mind.

t) Would u be a good politician?


Oh hell yeah! 

u) Any bad habits? 

Beer consumption.

v) Does your family support your musical success? 

Totally! Coolest parents!

w) Do u believe in god? 


Not sure...

x) In what else do u believe? 

I believe a bar with shitty bathrooms should be condemned.

y) What is most important 4 u? 

Having a good time.

z) Last statement? 


Check out Striker's new album "City of Gold" and would toilet paper gloves be a good idea? I don't know.


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