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a) Christian Hede Madsen- guitars/vocals

    Torben Wæver Pedersen- bass

    Christian Von Larsen- drums


b) The list is endless. I am always inspired by new stuff. Some key figures:

     -Blind Willie Johnson, Led Zeppelin, David Eugene Edwards, Jimi Hendrix, Nick Cave

c) I don´t really hate any musical genre. But there are definitely bands in each genre I can´t stand. But it´s just a personal opinion so fuck that... It is important to me that the artists who are making the music are true to themselves....oh wait Schlager-music is crap...

d) I would bring Led Zeppelin IV to remember what rockNroll is supposed to sound like, Abbatoir Blues by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds when I was drunk in Coconut punch and Black Of The Ink by Wovenhand and ANY Blind Willie Johnson recording  to sooth my soul.

e) A boat and a survival kit so I could make the gig the next day...

f) The road is not something you write about haha...But we have plenty and will keep on collecting them...

g) You can get something positive out of almost any performance. But playing to people who don´t give a shit is horrible.

h) Black Sabbath this year and The Wall a couple of years back... I like the big ones. Even though ELDER on Roadburn 2013 is on the list too. Every show where the audience connects with the band are magic.  Red Fang at Roskilde Festival and Alice in Chains on Copenhell come to mind as well. I have seen so many great ones...

i) Elder

j) Touring with Elder in 2013 and Acid King this summer was great...

k) My possibilities, great friends and family

I) The lack of musical diversity on the charts

m) Bornholm. A little remote island east of Sealand in Denmark.

n) I like everything basically. Different day, different craving.

o) If I have to.

p) Everyone that follow their dreams are an inspiration. I admire different artists for different things. Nick Cave for the ability to create a world, Martin Scorsese for the same. J.R.R. Tolkien for his vision and Jimi Hendrix for the same. John Fogerty and his songwriting ablities. Nergal ( Behemoth) for his dedication and strength. Led Zeppelin for being the band of my dreams...All the real hardcore bands for their strong belifefs and Ernest Hemmingway for being an icon...the list continues forever... Musically: the blues and it´s origins are my main musical influence.

q) Fine

r) Oh yes. Bartending, teaching guitar, being a temp in a Kindergarten and more.

s) Respect, empathy, passion, dedication, sex and love....and a good party...

t) NO

u) Plenty

v) Yes. I am blessed in that field.

w) I want to believe in some kind of God. But I accept that I just don´t know. I´ll get the answers soon enough. Right now I just want to live and strive to be a good man.

x) See under "S"

y) See under " S"

z) Thank you so much for your interest. Keep on going to shows and supporting artists who live for what they do. It is soul food and our race would die without it. Take care of eachother.


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