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Richard von THE UNGUIDED


a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters?


Roland – The Clown, Roger – The Dad, Henric – The Heart, Richard Sc – The Vain Youngster, Richard Sj – The Dreamer.

b) Your favorite bands / musicians 
My favorite band is Blind Guardian and my idol is definitely Hansi Kürsch. There’s a lot of musicians I respect out there. A few that inspired my journey into the vocals I do is; Mikael Stanne, Johan Lindstrand, Tompa Lindberg & Dani Filth.

c) What kinda music do u really hate?

I do think all music have a reason and it’s good for different people since it’s such a subjective and individual matter. But I can’t say I listen to a lot of hip-hop, even if I do not hate it.

d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?
“Blind Guardian -  A Traveler’s Guide to Space and Time”, which means I have their whole discography set hehe, “The Crown – Deathrace King” and “Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”.

e) What else would u need?
A boat? Nah I’d bring my fiancée, she always put a smile to my face in dire situations. A bit depending on where this lonely island is located (middle of Antarctica or Caribbean?) I think we would be able to kill some time. I think that goes for a lot of things. If you are among people you enjoy, desolation or isolation does not really hit you hard. Same thing with bands really.

f) Funniest tour experience?

Surely there’s a lot of memories. But recent time it must have been the Summer Breeze show 2014. Early time, first day; we sure as hell didn’t know what to expect, but the fans were there and just rocked it out with us it was a wonderful experience.

g) Worst or most embaressing situations? 

Haha actually that’s a pretty recent one. We had a gig at Gröna Lund, which is a fun fair located in Stockholm – Sweden. During the song; “Inherit the Earth”, which was the fourth last song. I jumped down to the audience and then when I was supposed to make my way back on stage, I twisted my right leg and dislocated my kneecap. At first I just thought I got a hit to the funny bone, but as the pain wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t stand on the leg I realized that wasn’t the case. I had a fast breather behind the amps after that song, were my fiancée wanted to pull me of stage and end the show. I kindly told her; -“they have to shoot me and drag my corpse away first”, so we finished the three last songs, with me sitting on the drum riser with excruciating pain. Straight after the last song the fun fair personnel wheel chaired me to a cab and I was delivered to the emergency to spend the night there. This was the worst and best experience ever. It wasn’t embarrassing in any way even if it was stupid. But what was magical was the fans (and adrenaline,) that just flew me through those last songs with their support.

h) Best concert u´ve ever seen? 

Behemoth in Stockholm last February. First time I see their show and my jaw just dropped and I couldn’t get it in place for the rest of the week. 

i) Best newcomerband?
I think Wovenwar’s progress will be interesting to follow. Some bands we had the opportunity to play with is also dEMOTIONAL, Smash Into Pieces and Mekanism which I all think have bright futures.

j) Nicest holiday?
Holiday of 2014 was really great. Just five weeks of relaxation and exploring Sweden. I had a really good summer vacation I dare to remember it being the best up to date. There’s always a certain stress that you have to go abroad to “really” have vacation. But Sweden is really beautiful during the summer and it was a great choice to stay here and just roll with it. We had great weather as well during the entire vacation!

k) Happy about... 

My life! I’m really happy over where I am in my life and even if the path here was bumpy at times, it was certainly worth it. Everything kind of just fell into place the last couple of years.

l) Disappointed about... 
Not rehearsing. That’s a bit of a mind boggle. Since the band is located on the west coast of Sweden and I live in Stockholm on the east coast. We barley rehearse anything and I miss that aspect of having a band. I’d like to have something in Stockholm as well, but time does not really allow it. We’ll see what happens!

m) Where did u grow up? 
I grew up in the forests west of Sweden, I spent my childhood in a really small village. When I began senior high school I moved into the civilization of Falkenberg (an hour south of Gothenburg,) and that’s where my musical journey started 2000 with a couple of class mates and my brother.

n) Favorite food?

Sushi and tacos.

o) Can u cook? 

No, I’m horrible. I’m more of an eater… But I do like cooking, it’s just that it doesn’t turn out very well.
p) Your idols, influences?
As said earlier; Hansi Kürsch is my biggest idol and influence and have been since I was very young. His creativity and voice have shaped my view of metal.

q) How was school?
I really enjoyed school, maybe not too much for the education, but for the many friends and the good time there. The high school years when I moved from home to live alone, at the age of 16, that was a great experience and I guess that kind of had a lot of influence on who I am today as well, even if life is ever-changing.  

r) Still have “normal” jobs?
Yes, I’ve always had a normal job on the side of the band. Not that we didn’t do well with the bands, especially Sonic Syndicate, with all the tours, we could quit our jobs and live on that. The Unguided is a bit different as we do not tour as much. But to be fair; I just get restless if I don’t have a normal honest job, if you see what I mean. And I’m a sucker for technology so my work as an electrician is very stimulating. I’ve worked as an electrician for for more than ten years. Since February I’ve been working with workshop work planning however, since we had a go with a new maintenance system and I was involved in educating the personnel in this new system.

s) Most important things in life? 

Live long and prosper.

t) Would u be a good politician? 

I’m a bit too much of a feeling person to make a carrier in politics, I think. I would had to disconnect my heart somehow and I don’t think that would work. I’m humble and respectful to people that’s respectful to me, but if someone is unfair, I can become a monster and I don’t think they have a place for such; “Hulk”, behavior in the parliament. I do realize a lot of problems in both Sweden and the world, I try to vote for the candidates that try to do something about them. I’m very interested in the environmental issue and I try to live after that as much as possible.

u) Any bad habits? 
Loads! But they are not overpowering my good habits as of yet hehe. The last recent year I’ve started to gain control of my pride, which have been a big issue my entire life (it runs in the family, somehow my brother have been spared, we are very unlike mentality wise,) I don’t take critique very well, which is of course not a good thing either. And I easily gets locked on target and sometimes step on a few toes to archive my goals. I guess it all have to do with me being a feeling person and pouring ones soul and heart into creativity, which in turn makes you easily offended of critique. Because in your own world, what you archive, is the greatest thing ever archived, even if objectively it isn’t haha. But I do think that’s the reason why you continue with creative matters. If you do not believe in your work, what’s the point continuing? Creativity must come from the heart and nowhere else.

v) Does your family support your musical success?

As I have my brother in the band, he’s as motivated as myself to get somewhere with The Unguided of course, so he’s being super supportive haha. Also my mom and sister is supportive in their own way, especially mom. She’s a big fan! As for my dad, he’s a fan as well totally, but I haven’t had contact with him since I moved to Stockholm two years ago, for different reasons.  

w) Do u believe in god? 

I do not believe in God or any other religion. I do however enjoy the bible, I draw a lot of inspiration from that writing lyrics. I think it’s a great book, with certain valid points, but to me, only fictional. I think Star Wars have good points and is ethical in its own way, as well. Doesn’t mean I worship it as a religion, even if I hold George Lucas higher than Jesus. I think the whole fanatic bullshit is destroying our world, even if I do respect people that found their way through religion and want to mind their own business exploring it. But don’t you force that stuff down other people’s throats. If people truly want to walk the way of God, let them find that out themselves rather than being indoctrinated from birth.

x) In what else do u believe?

In myself, in my close ones and in my band. I believe in the good people of the world that every day struggle to make it a better place, and I believe in the misfortunate ones that struggle every day to put food on their tables. I believe our flawed system can be solved, that our planet can be saved and I believe in good unselfish hearts. I believe in hope, but it’s up to humanity to cease it, religions won’t solve it for us, it requires a mutual effort from all the people of the world. There’s no flags, boarders, color of skin, it’s just us; humanity, against our own destruction and our will to prevent it.

y) What is most important 4 u?

Stay healthy and take good care of the ones that make you happy. To make small changes and adjust in life, for a better world. Even if it’s a fragment of effort from individuals, if everyone would piece those fragments together, it would be end up a colossus and the impact would be extremely sufficient.
z) Last statement? 
Check out the latest release of The Unguided; “Fragile Immortality”. Might take some spins to get into, but grasp the concept of the album and scratch on the surface a bit, you might just like what you are about to experience. Thanks for the interview! /Richard Sjunnesson – The Ungudied


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