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On Razor┬┤s Edge...

Pissing Razors

1. Alright guys - as I could see you belong to the tattoo scene...
Of course, we're musicians and it's all part of art.

2. When did you start getting into it?
About 18 yrs old because that's the legal age.

3. And how ... through friends, family, media .... ???
My cousin's started getting into tattooing and worked in a shop which got me into the art of tattooing.

4. Is it possible to get tattoed over there before you are 18 years old/young?
It is possible to get a tattoo under the age of 18 but it's not legal and it would probably not be done by a true professional.

5. Do people talk to you because of your tattoos?
Yes! I constantly get asked about my tattoos because they are unique and i guess that just come along with the territory of being in a band and working in a tattoo shop.

6. Is everyone in your band well tatooed?
Yes, but not as much as they should be or should I say will be now that I am in the band.

7. How many works do you have on your body?
I am sleeved on both arms and I have a few pieces done on my leg.

8. Where? ...can ou tell me???
They are everywhere.

9. Am I right that you┬┤re not done ==;-) ?
Were definetely not done yet, there is plenty of skin to be covered on all of us.

10. If so, do you already know how the next tattoo will look like?

11. Do you create your tattoos by yourself?
My cousin Rene who owns the shop I work at creates the art on my body. He is an amazing artist and creates some of the best tattoo work around.

12. Would you please name your tattoo artists, the studio they work in and and where they┬┤re from?
His full name is Rene Chavira out of El Paso, TX from Fleshtones II

13. Do you need a certain mood to go into the studio?
Spontaneous or not, getting a tattoo is all mental. So if you are weak minded expect yourself to puss out for atleast the initial start of the tattoo.

14. What┬┤s the feeling while the artists puts his machine on you?
It feels good, kind of like a burning sensation. But like I said it is all mental............ the pain is all in your head.

15. Many, many years ago only men got tattoed, by now more and more women also. What do you think about it? Are your girl friends tattoed?
I think women look sexy if ther tattoos are planned well and done in a tasteful manner. I think women who have tattoos arent afraid to show their independent way of thinking.

16. If you had children (do you?) would you allow them to get inked?
I have a 9 year old son who loves my tattoos and loves to watch me tattoo. I dont think I would have any problem with him getting inked up especially when I am a tattoo artist.

17. What do your tattoos mean to you?

18. You guys are band brothers - do you have a bandlogo on your skin?
I think everyone in the band besides myself have the "razor cowskull" on different areas of their bodies. I havent put my "brand" on yet but it will be done soon.

19. Do you like certain styles?
I get into the newskool type of art, or particularly graffitti style. There is a lot of dimension and vision in this style and thats what grabs my attention. Overall there are a lot of styles, too many to name that make for great art especially in the tattoo aspect.

20. Why do you think are so many musicians in that tattoo scene?
Probrably because every other profession usually frowns on tattoos in the work enviornment and I think it goes with the music proffesion because its all part of art.

21. Did you ever think of being an tattoo/piercing artist?
Yes, thats what I do besides music " EPIDERMAL RE-IMAGING " is what I call what I do.

22. Do you have an advise for beginners?
A good teacher and experience, experience, experience. You just got stick to it and its up to you how good you want to be.

23. Do you travel to go to Tattoo Conventions? If so, which places did you visit until now?
Our shop has been out to the Inkslingers Ball in Hollywood, CA which is always kick ass. San Fransisco's tattoo tour, San Diego's Steel Skin, and right here in El Paso we do the Texas Tattoo Jam.

25. How do you see the development during your years in the scene?
Tribal style or the Primitive style down to the butterflies are in the trend and have been for a while now. I guess it makes me good money doing the trendy stuff cause everybody wants whats trendy..... I personally am more of an original idea, try to be different approach.

26. What do you think about trends like... ???
The next trend will be awhile, atleast until people open their minds more.

27. What do you think will the next trend be?
Hell yeah, its been a blast. From the first tattoo I got to the first tattoo I did and its still a great experience.

28. If you had to start again - would you do it the same way?
Pissing Razors is the best underground band about to explode into another realm of creation, musically and physically(tattoos).


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